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Founders’ Studio

We are creators of amazing new products not seen before

We work on selected themes to generate a number of new concepts.

We filter the idea flow, select one at its time, create an MVP, do pivoting.

When market validation OK, new start-up is launched with entrepreneural team.

We are currently working on:

Founders’ Studio Helsinki

As a small team of crazy ones, we have started to meet regularly for chatting on latest technology news. To identify true market needs, to innovate new concepts ever not yet seen.
Most ideas just fail fast but a few selected ones go to coding and public piloting with MVP.

Contact Us

Contact us for knowing more about FS’s operation, for letting us to know that you might be available for becoming entrepreneur in a cool new startup – or just have intellectual discussion on our current working topics.

Liability disclaimer:

If you are already a startup, please do not send us business plan or anything confidential – Founders Studio works on its own ideas only.